Software supports Indigenous good governance

Date: 13 Oct 2015

Hugh Lovesy approached CIBIS International with a technical challenge: could they build an integrated software solution that automated the creation of complex graphics from accounting package data by codifying the creative process that was used to produce

Access for all: website removes disability barriers

Date: 25 Sep 2015

Launch of new Mai-Wel web site. Would you shun 18% of your potential customers?

Major updates for Xpect Accounting Software

Date: 24 Aug 2015

Xpect now Windows® 10 ready and brings a host of new features.

Website update generating three times the visitors… it was certainly Allworth it!

Date: 17 Jul 2014

As they operate in a competitive market with plenty of noise and distractions, Allworth asked CIBIS to help make their first contact with online visitors a memorable experience that left a lasting impression.

Hacking and Online Blackmail - Are you in the nude?

Date: 06 Mar 2014

Want to be blackmailed for video footage or audio files taken from your computer when you're in the nude?

Is your privacy and data security that important?

Date: 23 Dec 2013

Growing public distrust of questionable operators at the digital frontier. Are you feeling prepared?

Privacy and your Business Reputation

Date: 15 Nov 2013

Australians are more concerned about their privacy than ever before. How will the new 2014 Privacy Laws impact on your operations?

Is your smart phone policy a smart, phone policy?

Date: 12 Mar 2013

Have you contemplated the risks you place your business in using BYOD? Do you have the right policies in place (both technical and written)?

Wireless security and your business

Date: 20 Dec 2012

Providing wireless access into your secure, wired network without fully understanding the implications is fraught with potential issues. Find out what to do.

Are Your Email Marketing Efforts Damaging Your Reputation?

Date: 25 Jul 2012

All your efforts to produce customer service & e-marketing content are wasted if your emails never reach the inbox.

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