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Formlify - Forms solution gets more enhancements


Business process automation - digital forms are a good place to start.

Business process automation (BPA) can fast-track a business’s productivity, literally with the press of a button!

The digital automation of time-consuming, inefficient, and user-hostile processes can increase data quality, improve customer relations, and reduce business costs.

CIBIS is proud to announce recent upgrades and enhancements to our Formlify advanced form building software. We’ve built a product that simplifies and automates a range of business processes involving the capture of data. The Formlify product is a leader in designing and building intelligent web-based forms for all business types and sizes, supporting customers’ digital transformation. It’s used by a range of SMEs, large corporates, Australian universities, and local councils across New South Wales.

BPA uses sophisticated software to automate an often fragmented and multi-step process. Businesses can reap the benefits of implementing user friendly technology to automate an otherwise manual, or part-manual process. The right systems can streamline processes, especially where input is required from multiple stakeholder groups. This can include different functions within a business, as well as customers, contacts or external business partners.


The challenge for business

Many businesses struggle with an array of multifaceted and cumbersome business processes. Does this sound like you - using complex paper forms that need to be manually filled out, or online forms that are completed, then printed and filed? Some businesses take steps in the right direction, like using editable PDFs or saving scanned files, but these tools have known limits and are clunky.  

Paper files and documents can be lost or can be time consuming to find. This will mean dissatisfied customers and missed opportunities. Trying to automate a process using basic technology will only take you so far. It won’t integrate approvals, stakeholder alerts, customer communications and data storage.


A solution that makes is simple

Sophisticated form building software can reduce the resource burden and risk on your business.

CIBIS’s Formlify form building software automates both simple and complex business processes. It eliminates the frustrations of a labour-intensive process – the time and effort, tedious work that no one wants to do, and the risk of human error. The software removes the reliance on people to follow an exact process every time, which we know isn’t realistic – a step could be missed, a deadline overlooked, or an approval not sought.


Enhance your customers’ experience

Creating any form for any purpose can be easy! Whether it’s running a customer survey, collecting data for lead generation, signing in a workplace contractor, managing an event, capturing and approving sensitive information from business partners, or simply storing files securely that have been uploaded. With Formlify you can access your data online, from anywhere, anytime, on any device. No more wasting time searching through folders!

With Formlify, complex workflow management is made simple. You just identify your internal stakeholders, customise your fields, select your business rules, write your tailored system messages and it’s ready to go! 

Once your customers, employees or business partners start using the form, it’s an easy and transparent process. You can monitor the status of each form’s completion from the back end of the system. Meanwhile auto generated messages are sent to your customers, giving them status updates, as Formlify goes to work providing a great user experience.

Security is paramount

Along with its feature rich offering, our clients trust Formlify for its data security, privacy and confidentiality. CIBIS is an Australian cloud provider, so all your data is stored securely here in Australia. Formlify also fully supports WCAG 2.0,  the EU's General Data Protection Regulations and Australian Privacy Principles, so you can be confident your data is accessible, secure and protected. Formlify forms can use conditional logic, helping businesses comply with any legal framework and internal company policies.


Practical features you’ll embrace

We’re always rolling out/developing new features. Formlify can now manage advanced payment processing with BPOINT and NAB Gateways, real-time tailored alerts and messaging, automatic capture and storage of documents and advanced workflow automation. With ‘office use only’ options integrated within user-definable workflow-based processing, it becomes a very powerful tool. 

Users can also enter data while offline, and complete it online later. It’s one seamless process.


2022 NEW Features

Geolocation - To identify the geographic location of a user/device when completing a form. This creates the proof of location, which is recorded, showing the specific location where the form was completed.

Identity Verification - Can assist to verify the documented identity of the person submitting the form. This allows you to collect and verify identity at time of form submission, using an Australian Drivers Licence to confirm details.

Payment - Payment gateway integration for processing transactions. Payment is collected in real time along with the form submission.

Subforms - Provides you with the ability to create a form where fields are repeated, to then inserted back into the main form. You can repeat components within a form, saves time and ensures data consistency.

Workflow Automation - Automated workflow processing offers users the option to move from the initial Workflow state to multiple other Workflow states. Formlify can automatically select the most appropriate Workflow status, based upon the pre-configured rules and priorities contained within the form logic.

ECM Integration - Formlify can now be configured to push documents into a document management system automatically. This automatic storage of documents is useful for statutory record keeping purposes, as well as ensuring documents are easily accessible. This is of particular benefit to Government clients bound by obligations within the State Records Act.

Authority Integration - Local Government clients can now have Civica’s Authority Enterprise Management solution integrated with Formlify. Form submission details can create an Authority CRM record and write form data into the CRM fields.

API Support - In addition to exporting data to Excel, Formlify also provides options to integrate other systems and workflows. Several API's exist including Rest API and JSON. Custom API's have been developed for enterprise licence holders to integrate with enterprise document management systems such as Content Manager and other EDMs. Formlify has the flexibility to be seamlessly integrated into most other business systems and workflows. 

Ease of integration

Formlify can be integrated easily with a range of government systems, as well as other website software. It offers integration options with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, billing systems, geo-location services, Verification of Identification (VOI), mail servers, custom templates and other external systems.

To learn more about Formlify or other CIBIS products that support business process automation, please visit formlify.com or contact the team at CIBIS.

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