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In addition to bespoke software development, CIBIS has developed a suite of products that can be used by any business. These products are functional out of the box but can be enhanced by CIBIS to meet specific requirements.

CIBIS is ISO 27001 certified and our software solutions are hosted exclusively in Australia on the CIBIS Secure Cloud platform within Amazon Web Services. Your data security is our top priority.


Formlify is an online form builder that allows you to create and publish forms in a few clicks. Tailor made for Australian businesses, you can easily create simple or complex forms, depending on your needs. Formlify forms are accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

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Xpect offers Small & Medium Enterprises a contemporary cloud-based ERP solution without the complexity of a global ERP. Xpect provides a feature-rich solution for Small & Medium Enterprise business management and is accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

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Asset Inspection Field Tablet

AIFT is a tablet app that enables the inspection and monitoring of plant and equipment from anywhere around the globe.

Users collect configuration and condition data for all sorts of assets (plant and equipment) wherever they are located.

AIFT is ideally suited for use with onsite equipment inspection processes. It standardises reporting across an entire organisation. Additionally, it can optionally report directly to a client organisation.

AIFT Template Details screen

The AIFT app can work offline (no internet connection) whilst onsite. When reconnected, data is synchronised with a centralised database providing a repository of reference and equipment inspection data.

When it comes to plant and equipment monitoring, reporting efficiency, accuracy, detail, and performance is of paramount importance. AIFT supports pre-loading of images, maps, drawings and photos with optional categorisation and markup. Users know exactly what data to capture whilst performing inspections.

Plant and equipment, components and sub-components, parts and stock assemblies are all part of the solution and AIFT can link to CRM and external stock systems to ensure client contact details and parts (prices, descriptions, numbers etc) are always kept up to date.

AIFT Part Inspection screen

The solution supports both component and sub-assemblies allowing a complete record to be managed from field staff including their reports.

AIFT Component Details screen

When inspections are completed, AIFT automatically produces a formatted inspection and outcomes report which can be automatically emailed to nominated contacts. The report can include performance metrics, marked up comments, photos, images, assessment criteria, reviews, recommendations and much more.

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