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Build Dynamic, Personalised e-Brochures

Our LAVA solution creates branded, personalised brochures containing information about your products and/or services. It then automatically emails your customer a professionally formatted PDF tailored according to the type of enquiry they make at your website.

It’s like having your own 24/7 client service team ready to take enquiries from prospective customers.

It is fully automated and it does all this within minutes also scheduling a note for you to follow up in due course (because their email address is also captured).

Increasingly, time poor people expect you’ll do the hard work and think for them. Our LAVA brochure building software allows for precisely that. With the convenience of clicking a few buttons, you can build and supply users with a coloured brochure tailored for them within minutes.


Who Uses Online Brochure Builders?

LAVA is an ideal software solution for:

  • universities and colleges supplying information to prospective international students
  • travel agents who want to promote feature highlights of various travel locations and special deals
  • businesses with multiple product and service offerings
  • anyone who seeks to publish polished e-brochures to potential clients that are customised to their needs and ready to be sent any time of the day or night

LAVA e-Brochure Features:

  • Easily follow-up on enquiries
  • The system tracks all details of what was sent to who, and when
  • Ensure accurate, relevant information is always on hand for your clients
  • Personalise brochures based on client response, e.g. include a ‘Dear [first name]’ greeting
  • Brochures are easily forwarded by email to others, providing a ready-made referral service
  • Brochures can be written in many different languages

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