Custom Business Software

Do you still juggle spreadsheets, databases and hard copy printouts? Are you mucking around reconciling sales and stock movements between multiple branches, or even worse, are you losing opportunities by not having an integrated web site to grow your sales pipeline?

Imagine a system that not only tracked your inventory and sales, forecasted your cashflow, tracked your banking, general ledger, sales targets and staff KPI's; it also supported differential pricing, loyalty programs, online shopping as well as point of sale functions. Now imagine it also manages your website, tracks all contact with your customers and sends targeted e-newsletters, emails and messages promoting products and services to the right customers.

As you develop your business you may have new needs that can’t be met by your existing software or ready-made alternatives. This is where our design service comes in. We can enhance your system by integrating additional features or by designing a new system from the ground up.

Our team has extensive experience at designing and developing software infrastructure. We will work with you to design and develop best practice online systems, engineered to deliver high-quality outcomes backed by reliable maintenance and support programs.

Alternatively, if you are setting up systems in-house and just need some additional technical support on an ad-hoc basis, we can provide consulting services as you need them.

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