Xpect Accounting & Business Management Software

Xpect is a complete management and accounting system for your business

When it comes to overall flexibility, capacity and sophistication, Xpect is the integrated accounting and complete business management system market leader. What’s even more pleasing is how well it fits within today’s fast moving digital economy.

With a choice of hundreds of on-premise and cloud solutions to choose from, why would you select Xpect for your business? What makes it so unique?

Naturally, you’d expect support for Point of Sale (POS), accounting, payroll, inventory and have a fully integrated customer and e-commerce portal, but now add Customer Relationship Management (CRM), job cost, campaign management, e-Bay, Westfield and e-learning integration, authentication systems and support for bar codes, mobile devices, subscriptions, MS-Office, SMS, email, couriers and hosts of other functions, and Xpect becomes really compelling.

xpect comprehensive business management software


That’s why it is used in so many diverse markets – particularly where digital is a priority! So whether your need is multi-location, bricks and mortar retail, software engineering, Not for Profit, member associations, agency-related, or wholesaling with on road reps, Xpect fits the bill.

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  • All of your business always available in one place
  • Get unique insights into your business performance
  • Consolidates control of your business
  • Improves business efficiency