Build dynamic, personalised brochures with our LAVA software

Our LAVA software automatically generates a branded, personalised brochure containing information about your products and/or services and then emails this to your customer based on the type of enquiry they make at your website.

It's like having your own 24x7 client service team ready to take enquiries from prospective customers.

It is fully automated, does this all this within minutes and schedules a note for you to follow up in due course (because their email address is also captured).

Increasingly, with time poor people their expectations are that you’ll do the hard work and think for them. LAVA brochure building software allows for precisely that. With the convenience of clicking a few buttons, you can build and supply users with a coloured brochure tailored for them within minutes which is critical to building their interest. Talk to the CIBIS team for more.Victoria University LAVA brochure builder screenshot

Who Uses Online Brochure Builders?

  LAVA is an ideal software solution for:

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LAVA eBrochure Features:



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