Asset Inspection Field Tablet (AIFT)

AIFT is a tablet-based application for mobile inspection and monitoring of plant and equipment

AIFT is a tablet app that helps with the inspection and monitoring of plant and equipment.

It helps users collect equiptment configuration and condition data for all sorts of assets (plant and equipment) whether they are located in-house, or anywhere in multiple field locations.

AIFT is ideally suited for use with onsite equipment inspection processes and standardises reporting across an entire organisation. It can optionally report directly to the client organisation as well.


Image of crane with inspection hot spots


The field inspection tablet-based application works in a disconnected fashion (i.e. no internet connection) while onsite. It then synchronises data with a centralised database providing a central repository of reference and equipment inspection data.

When it comes to plant and equipment monitoring, reporting efficiency, accuracy, detail and speed becomes paramount. AIFT supports pre-loading of images, maps, drawings and photos with optional categorisation and markup so that users know exactly what they need to do when capturing data within the field.

Plant and equipment, components and sub-components, parts and stock assemblies are all part of the solution and AIFT can also link to Microsoft CRM and external stock systems to ensure client contact details and parts (prices, descriptions, numbers etc) are always kept up to date.


Screen example of part to being inspected

The solution supports both component and sub-assemblies allowing a complete record to be managed from field staff including reports.


Component details and its status

At the end of the data collection and inspections, AIFT automatically produces a formatted inspection and outcomes report which can be automatically emailed to nominated contacts including performance metrics, marked up comments, photos, images, assessment criteria, reviews, recommendations and much more.

We have helped a range of organisations throughout Sydney, Melbourne and the rest of Australia to implement systems into their day-to-day operations, with outstanding results. Want to discuss how field inspection tablet application software could benefit your business?

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  • Simplify equipment inspection and reporting
  • Extend access to back office data to field staff
  • Operates in remote areas without networks
  • Standardise your procedures and reporting