Online Application Management Software

Process University Student Applications with ease

Enquiry and Application Management System (EAAMS)

EAAMS is a specialised online application management software used by educational institutions seeking to efficiently process enquiries and applications for students seeking to study at university or college.

EAAMS solution used by Victoria University

EAAMS caters for the diverse needs of many users including potential students, enrolled students, university admissions and faculty staff, offshore agents as well as staff from external institutions.

The integrated solution enables you to focus on dramatically decreasing the turn-around time between prospects searching for study placement options and them securing a conditional binding offer letter to study from your institution (all within a fully compliant and auditable way).

It brings responsiveness, clarity and confidence to the whole application, enrollment and student support lifecycle. A host of optional modules are available including Credit Calculators (RPL), enrollment and tracking for Extra Curricular Activities as well as interfaces with other systems (e.g. IDP, LDAP, RightNow). It makes the entire suite very flexible.

It provides as much autonomy for your users as your business processes permit, while ensuring your business rules apply consistently throughout the entire application processing lifecycle.

Importantly, using EAAMS within the Australian educational context helps ensure your registration process and obligations under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) are much easier to satisfy.

EAAMS (also formerly known using the acronym ISIS for International Student Information System) is used at other Universities within Australia including La Trobe University and Macquarie University.

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Formlify - used to enable flexible assessment forms criteria



  • Reduce enquiry and application turnaround time
  • Standardise and codify your business rules for consistency
  • Embeds regulatory compliance practices
  • Engage prospective students through self service
  • Integrated Agent/Partner and Student portals