Extra Curricular Activities Management Software

Software to help registration and enrollment in extra curricular activities

The Extracurricular Programs Solution is targeted at supporting programs requiring participants to enroll in sessions and / or submit applications for credit. It is part of the EAAMS software suite.


University Sector: This module is suitable for managing extracurricular programs within the university sector. Programs are typically run as an adjunct to core university programs acting to both enrich and further engage students. If programs are popular, the effort required to organise and effectively operate the program is significant. This module streamlines and automates the operation of the program and provides a self-service portal for interaction with participants.

Other Sectors:

  • Professional Bodies providing continuing professional development programs that require enrollment into sessions and / or the provision of evidence based applications to maintain currency.
  • TAFE / VET sector may have some requirements for a similar application.


Program Registration / Enrollment

Self Service registration is provided whereby participants are able to register for the program. A database of participants is maintained. The status of the participants is tracked through the lifecycle of their enrollment in the program. A full history of participation status changes is tracked to ensure auditability of enrollment records.


Image of sample Activity types as part of a program

Customisable business rules are able to be applied to track participant progress and adherence to program rules and policies. An automated warning and barring system is available to automatically provide warnings and bar participants from enrolling in activities if they do not adhere to program requirements.

The program cohort can be split into different categories e.g. Undergraduate vs Postgraduate. This allows targeted program delivery with differing activities and requirements for different cohorts.

Session Enrollment

The system can be used to book students into sessions, either via the self-service portal of via admin tools. Business rules can be applied to ensure these sessions are booked within appropriate time frames and that session attendance limits are applied.

Attendance tracking is provided to mark off who attended. Automated card scanning technologies are also supported. If participants do not attend, an optional non-attendance evidence process can be used to allow participants to provide evidence as to why they did not attend. This interacts with the automated warning and barring processes so that if evidence is approved, the warning or barring that would have applied is lifted.

Different types of sessions that have different rules can be catered for and this includes some session types being mandatory whereas others might be optional.

A full history of session attendance is maintained by the system. To learn more about how the Extracurricular Programs Solution can work for you, get in touch with CIBIS today.


Sample screen of student enrolment information


Applications for Credit

A credit application capability is provided. This allows students to submit evidence of participation in other outside activities which are required to fulfil the program requirements. Different types of credit are supported with different rules and requirements.

Transcript Reporting

Transcript reports are provided to collate participant activity within the program. These reports can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Integration Options

  • Central Participant Databases. Participant details may be loaded from a central repository.
  • Authentication Systems (e.g. LDAP). This allows the same sign on into the system if there is a pre-existing module for this.
  • Card Scanners. Used for automated attendance tracking.


  • Integrates with existing students / CRM systems
  • Self Service Registration
  • Support participant enrichment programs easily
  • Easily track participant progress and attendance