Project Management

Project Management

All successful projects have competent project management as a common characteristic, and things are no different at CIBIS. We have significant experience in project management across a number of different frameworks and methodologies, whether waterfall or agile, PMBOK, ITIL or PRINCE2 – we can work with you.

Whatever method or approach you use, the ultimate goal is invariably the same – a successfully completed project that delivers tangible benefits, and that is a result that CIBIS has a long history of delivering.

We provide project management resources that are commensurate and proportional to the specific project involved. You don’t have the cost and overhead of processes if they do not add value, and you do not end up at risk because a fixed approach is stretched too far.

From the initial engagement with stakeholders, through the development of the project plan, requirements specification, contract management, development, delivery and implementation, CIBIS will be there with you.

Our focus in the application of project management is built around honesty, transparency and ethics while keeping not just outcomes in focus, but the real benefits as well.  After all, the reason you began this project was to derive a benefit, not just deliver an outcome!