Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile phone view of custom app developed by CIBIS

With dramatic increases in the take up rates of mobile computing, now's the time to get ahead by using custom written apps - developed for your specific needs.

Take advantage of our pre-written library of routines to help increase sale conversion rates, improve cash flows, gain access to KPI's earlier and secure the many advantages associated with mobile computing for your staff and customers alike.

We can cater for your mobile software requirements including:

  • Integration with the most popular social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Developing native applications downloaded and installed to phone/tablet devices that can run both connected and disconnected from the Internet.
  • Developing customised websites targeted for mobile devices, commonly referred to as responsive design.
  • Create interactive web applications targeted for mobile devices.
  • Take advantage of phone/device features such as camera, GPS, touch screen, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and pressure sensors.
  • Have your app integrated with other devices/applications including wireless printing, barcode scanners, geo-mapping and turn by turn driving direction navigation services.
  • Ensure your solutions are optimised for phones and/or tablets.
  • Secure the benefits from interfaces to back office/legacy systems (in real time or batch synchronised).
  • We can even write games allowing you to recoup advertising revenue each time they're played.

Mobile apps provide many new opportunities for innovators. Speak with CIBIS about custom developing apps on the most common platforms including iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems.

Global Freight Trading System

This client had a vision for developing an online global freight trading system. They approached CIBIS for the complete development initiative which included calculators, tracking 50,000 ships globally, trading options, charting routes, ports, fuel prices and a host of other shipping-specific functions. For security and confidentiality reasons, we cannot reveal more, but it's easy to see how CIBIS helped solve a complex business challenge with an organisation seeking to innovate.

Trading screen for application displayed on tablet

We developed the mobile app, the back-end SQL database, all the administrative tools, integrated API's and a host of other functions to arrive at a new holistic solution for trading online.

Identity Management Solution

This client had special reasons requiring the tracking of patrons including capturing proof of their identity, photographs and related membership information. For security reasons, sensitive and confidential data could not be stored on a local device, but these handheld tablets needed to be used within a busy environment within the hospitality sector.

Identify Mobile App on a tablet

CIBIS developed a tablet-based integrated identity management tool that enabled staff to instantly upload details onto secure servers located off site.

Back office staff could manage membership information via standard web browsers with appropriate access control to ensure that the protections of privacy and confidentiality were built into the solution.

Wholesale Distribution Solution

This client needed their sales reps to be gain instant access to stock availability and custom pricing information about their customers when in the field, as well be able to take orders and communicate these orders to back office staff with the push of a button without delay or duplication of work.

Xpect Mobile App on a tablet

CIBIS custom developed the application around the client's specific requirements and it now plays a critical part within their entire business system.

In this case, the solution needed to work both within and outside of mobile phone (3G coverage) and permit users to synchronise records when back in range.

The following provides an overview of core functionality (provided by our pre-written Library routines):


Search the list of customers and view individual customer details. Phone or e-mail the customer directly from the details screen on the screen.

Stock/ Inventory

Search the list of stock items and view individual stock item details. Stock items can be located by code, description or by scanning a product barcode or by browsing the stock classification thumbnails.

Delivery Options

Delivery of items can be made direct to a selected customer from stock the sales representative may take with them on site. Stock items can be added to the delivery by searching for a code, description, scanning a barcode or by browsing the classifications and images.

A delivery docket can be printed to a blue tooth compatible printer. An invoice can be auto generated in the back office system and stock levels updated as soon as a delivery is uploaded.

Taking the Order

An order for items not taken with the rep on site can be taken from the selected customer. Stock items can be added to the order by searching for a code, description, scanning a barcode or by browsing the classifications and images. An order docket can be printed to a blue tooth compatible printer. An order is then generated in the back office system for picking (or placed on back order from the supplier) and shipment to the customer can take place later.

Synchronise with Back Office

When the sales representative has mobile/network access, they can upload any deliveries or orders placed in the field direct to the back end system.

Any changes made in the back office system since the last synchronisation can also be incrementally downloaded.