CIBIS Secure Cloud Computing, Hosting & IT

A comprehensive cloud computing environment to meet the evolving needs of your business


Our fully managed cloud computing, hosting and IT support services provides the reliability, cost efficiency and security you want from your software and IT systems.

The CIBIS Secure Cloud is architected to capitalise on the benefits offered by cloud computing whilst taking care of the complexity required to manage risks such as security and reliability.

Leveraging market leading cloud technology from Amazon Web services and Microsoft's Azure platforms, CIBIS cloud makes it feasible for you no matter what your size and requirements to benefit from the advantages of cloud computing.

When hosting on the CIBIS Cloud, the potential risks and pitfalls of cloud hosting and computing are avoided. CIBIS takes care of security, patching, backup and recovery and monitoring for you.

CIBIS Cloud is more than just vanilla cloud computing. We provide processes and expertise to manage and optimise the environment. Best practice architecture, automatic and manual processes combine to provide a complete no hassle environment for our customers.

With the CIBIS Cloud, no job is too small or too large. We offer business hosting packages suitable for small websites right through to tailored solutions without practical limits on the size of solution. We can tailor Service Level Agreements to your needs to ensure the service meets with your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Our cloud solution is proven and is relied upon by many of our existing customers ranging from small businesses to Universities, Local Governments and large corporate clients. Why not join them and share the benefits of our infrastructure, practices and expertise.

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CIBIS provides secure cloud computing Australia wide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle.