iOS & Android App Development

Comprehensive development services to make your app a success

You’ve had a lightning bolt of an idea and need a custom app developed to get your business on the map, or really extend is performance. The problem is…you have no idea how to program an app.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large-scaled business, CIBIS is the development company for you. It does not matter if you need a native app or a hybrid app, our developers will get you sorted. What is even better is you won’t need to know anything about the development environments such as Objective-C, Swift, HTML 5 and a host of operating system pre-requisites and versioning issues. We handle all that because we know your focus is your business and getting the best results.

We can even ensure your app is mobile friendly for the mobile framework, and is responsive to phones, iPads and tablets for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

And when things pick up and you have advanced software and app development requirements including backend integration, API’s, mapping, camera, GPS and cloud integration, that’s when you really need professionals with depth of experience.

No matter what business sector you operate within (government, education, private) or what state you trade from quality mobile custom apps are leading the way.

If you want quick wins with custom app development, contact CIBIS now.