Maitland City Council

Local government software development helping to deliver outstanding services to the community

Maitland City Council responsive website development by CIBIS

Situated right in the heart of the thriving Hunter Valley, Maitland is a safe and healthy city, offers a quality lifestyle, a vibrant and sustainable future, and a proud and involved community.

Maitland City Council aims to achieve Local Government excellence, which enhances the community's quality of life through responsive, cost effective and efficient services, sustainable development, open and accountable administration and commitment to consultation, customer service and best practice management.


In line with Maitland City Council’s objective for Local Government excellence, the Council needed a more dynamic website that was easier to manage, offered more and better online services to the community, promoted Maitland City Council’s image and provided reliable and user-friendly navigation.


A knowledge management and document control system was developed by CIBIS, underpinning the new Internet-intranet technology deployed by Maitland City Council. All internal information is categorised, security privileges assigned and is searchable as "managed" content. The system allows full editorial and quality control over what and who publishes to the Maitland City Council website. Changes are easy to make with expiration dates and online services such as rate information, rate payment, property information, news and events and job listings. These are easily accessed by the community.

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