CQMS Razer

Mining software solutions to manage efficient and effective reporting

Asset Field Inspection Table App Screenshot

CQMS Razer are world leaders in the design, manufacture and field-life management of large surface mining and fixed plant products, equipment and wear parts. Their i3R program (Inspect, Record, Recommend and Report) has been critical in delivering improvements in mine and machine safety, productivity and performance in Australia, and abroad for over 30 years.


CQMS needed a way to increase the reporting efficiency, accuracy, detail and speed - while setting the highest standards in customer service levels. The independent reporting of the most important front line production assets is critical to both CQMS and their clients.

They needed a solution that was able to capture performance metrics, distribute and mark up images taken onsite, allow their users to preload specifications and drawings and have this system also talk to their central systems with ease (CRM, parts and authentication systems). It also needed to report to customers automatically.


CIBIS developed the Asset Field Inspection Tablet (AIFT), a custom solution consisting of a cloud-hosted database and Apple iPAD front end app that can be used in locations anywhere around the globe. Contact CIBIS today if you need custom mining software development.