Formlify Corp - 1 Month Licence

Formlify Corp - 1 Month Licence

Product Code: FORM-COR-LIC

Suited to the organisation looking to realise the benefits from real-time data capture and the elimination of data entry errors at the source, whether connected or remote. It is a lot friendlier to the trees as well!

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Formlify Agreement - Formlify SAAS v8.pdf (185KB)


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Qty 1 Month
Price (AUD) $140.00

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Ideally suited for the large organisation that wants to achieve increases in efficiency by using electronic forms instead of paper, eliminate double entry, stop interpreting hand written notes, and empower remote or mobile workers to name just a few!

There is no hardware to buy or software to install – just start using it. The generous authenticated user allowance, together with the other included volumes and quantities make those increases in efficiency affordable and achievable now!

 It includes all the great advanced features of Formlify as well as the following:

• Up to 100 authenticated user accounts
• Up to 100 forms (you design these)
• A once-off initial allocation of 2,500 form submission credits. (You can top up your form submission credits at any time).

Easy to use, stress free, form building included!

Note the monthly licence allows you to continue to access Formlify. To accept form submissions, your account must have available form submission credits. 



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