Satisfying China’s growing thirst

Written by: CIBIS, 12 Jan 2016

China’s growing middle class is developing an appreciation and thirst for quality Australian wines. Experienced Australian winemaker, John Baruzzi, is reaching out to the Asian market through his business at

“The new site allows Chinese buyers to contact me directly,” said Mr Baruzzi.

“It’s an increasingly sophisticated audience. Buyers are no longer looking solely at big brands. Our customers are searching for a more personalised service. They want to understand more about the wine than the name on the label.”

A winemaker for over 35 years, John says technology gave him the opportunity to start his now flourishing business.

“Going solo as a winemaker gives me the freedom to explore, develop and express my love of wines. Being able to tap into the Chinese market through the website lets me share my passion with a new audience.”

“It’s a simple site to use because we are a boutique business— our customers want a truly personal service. They want to talk with a real person, someone who knows the vineyards and can help them to choose the right wine.”

2015 saw an increase in Australian wine exports to Asia. John expects this trend to continue as the market becomes savvier.

“Wine is increasingly appealing to Chinese buyers. It reflects their aspirational lifestyle. We’re also seeing more women buying and drinking wine, not just because it’s considered classy but also because it’s thought to be healthier than other alcoholic drinks.”

Buyers are no longer looking solely at big brands. Our customers are searching for a more personalised service.

John approached CIBIS to build the new website, with the goal of reaching more of the Asian market.

“We think of CIBIS as our trusted partner in technology. They understood what we wanted to achieve with the new site and they delivered. I’m excited because know it’s going to help our business meet more of the right audience.”

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