CIBIS at the cutting-edge

Written by: CIBIS, 14 Oct 2019

We’re proud to have been accepted into ON Prime, the national innovation program for researchers powered by @CSIRO.

Like CSIRO, we are passionate about unlocking the sci-tech innovation that will shape Australia’s future and positively impact the world.

Our research project conducted together with the University of Newcastle, reflects the emerging crisis within the aged care sector and the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety provides further evidence of the need for change.

With Australia’s aging population, we believe assessment models can be refined including the incorporation of AI and Machine Learning such that we can hopefully:

• Maximise positive care outcomes
• Help predict future care needs
• Perform cross-facility comparisons to identify environmental (and cultural) factors and differences, along with their impact.
• Build an accessible national body of expertise and knowledge
• Assist identifying where care outcomes are trending away from desired/mandated levels, and more

It’s an exciting time, and very much cutting-edge. Stay tuned for more details.