Our expertise and depth will give you absolute confidence.

As a small trusted software house, we’re an agile and capable team of engineers, but you might still ask “what type of projects have you done and what’s the breadth and depth of your in-house capability?” 

We’d respond by suggesting you look at a few past projects to gauge our capability including us:

  • Writing a fully integrated multi-currency accounting system supporting real time integration with Australia Tax Office systems for Single Touch Payroll.
  • Integrating NSW Government planning systems with local government (councils) internal business systems. 
  • Assisting risk modelling and back end integration for systems used by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).
  • Developing custom solutions that manage the entire international student application process for studying at universities including hosting of millions of related files and transactions.
  • Developing custom budget expense tracking systems for a department within NSW Health. 
  • Developing integrated websites, CRM, accounting and billing systems for bricks and mortar and online retailers.
  • Developing global Freight Trading Systems for use within shipping and resources industries capable of supporting thousands of users.
  • Developing specialist Apps for engineering shops that require detailed time and task tracking, job costing and reporting.
  • Developing a complete online forms solution used by local government, universities, health, private sector clients.

And you want to know more about the tech itself… well that includes .NET. C#, C++, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Swift, SQL, Cordova, Perl, Amazon Lex, Dialog flow...... and the list goes on.

It comes down to choosing the best partner for your project, and that means making sure that their experience and skills profile is a close match for your needs. That’s where we come in. Contact us today to learn how we can help.