At CIBIS we’ve been designing, coding and managing business software solutions and digital platforms for almost two decades, so we know what it takes to make good tech work.

Our business systems, hosting infrastructure, custom software, hardware and consulting services are all in use today by our corporate brands, universities, local councils and government clients.

From these ongoing relationships, we know that trust, experience, skill, and measurable value for money are at the heart of what our customers want and expect and that’s the CIBIS promise.

CIBIS works.

Our People

The CIBIS team is a dynamic mix of experience and youth. With enough ‘grey hair’ to guide the strategy and oversee the development, we’re able to engage top young talent to explore contemporary solutions to today’s technology challenges in innovative new ways.  

Better still, this mix of old and new really comes into its own when upgrading business systems built around legacy technologies that have multiple tricks for young players.

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