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Your access to and use of the website is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use whether or not you become a customer of CIBIS.

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You acknowledge that materials posted on this website are protected by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights for both CIBIS and/or its customers and as such are governed by all applicable laws and regulations.

In using this website, you AGREE:

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Please note that the permission granted to use material on the website terminates automatically if you breach any of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Security and Personal Information

CIBIS takes its obligations regarding website security, the protection of data, identity and the privacy of its clients and users very seriously.

Although we may collect information about website users and our customers including their name, current and previous email addresses, bank account details, telephone and mobile numbers, PIN numbers, user names, passwords, preferences, shopping behaviour, online activities and membership status, this information is only used in conjunction with us fulfilling our service obligations to you and will not be shared with any third party. The only exception is when we are required to disclose or reveal specific information about you to a third party in conjunction with them performing a service for us (e.g. couriers, debt recovery services) or, as required by law or relevant directions and orders issued by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) or other duly constituted court/legal body.

Where CIBIS communicates confidential, or sensitive information via this website across any public network (e.g. the Internet), it will ensure that the data is encrypted using digital encryption technologies (typically a 128 bit SSL encryption or better).

The CIBIS Member Portal (registered users only)

For the purposes of using this website, if you register as a user of the Member Portal (in which case a Username and Password will be made available) you may also be associated with one (or more) existing customers of CIBIS. A CIBIS customer may be an individual, company, business or association.

Where a customer grants you authorisation to act on behalf of that entity, your actions and advice are binding on that entity.

Customers will have the opportunity to specify and amend details regarding which people from their business or organisation have authorised access to: update contact details, view accounts including account histories, make payments, maintain mailing list subscriptions, view and place requests relating to service subscriptions provided by CIBIS. As such, not all users will have access to all functions within the Member Portal.

Where CIBIS offers services or products for sale via the website, member portal, email, letter, telephone, or over the counter, CIBIS’ trading terms and conditions are defined in our standard Agreement for the Provision of Professional Services. In some cases, CIBIS may negotiate special rates with its clients and/or provide additional services across extended hours or under defined service level agreements containing performance guarantees.

The Member Portal will contain copies of relevant Agreements relating to the services and subscriptions it provides specific to each customer. Where services are provided on a recurrent basis (i.e. a subscription), details relating to that subscription including the terms, rates, notice dates, fees approvals and activation particulars will be available within the subscriptions section of the Member Portal.

In the event that there is any inconsistency in interpreting specific Agreements within the member portal, the following descending order of precedence applies:

Any requests to change a user’s permissions associated with accessing a customer’s member account details will be received, reviewed and actioned by CIBIS.

The customer is responsible for advising CIBIS of those contacts who should or may access to the member portal and which level of permission to access customer records each contact has and must advise CIBIS of any changes to these permissions.

User Obligations

The customer is responsible for any authorised or unauthorised use and all actions, obligations and charges that may accrue resulting from access to the Member Portal through the customer’s account.

You may elect to pay your account via credit card, cheque or direct deposit/ EFT. If you provide your credit card details, you authorise CIBIS or its agents to charge all fees incurred to the credit card and this authorisation remains valid until you advise otherwise either via the Customer Portal on the CIBIS website or in writing (email or hardcopy).

CIBIS may accept online payments by credit card (or via other offline means). These website terms and conditions of use are subject to the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

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