COVID-19 Working From Home Desktop Audit

Developed on CIBIS’s smart web form builder, Formlify, this online checklist enables employers to accurately assess the safety of employees’ remote workplaces, before accepting, rejecting or asking to modify the risk.

Buy the Working from Home Desktop Audit

Ready to use

The Audit comes pre-populated with the questions required to be answered by Safe Work Australia about remote workplaces. The questions can be modified to accommodate different state jurisdictions and individual company terminology.

Fast to set up

For employers, the audit can be set up and ready to use in 30 minutes or so. Just input bulk employee contacts details by spreadsheet and text or email employees the login link.

Easy to fill

Your employees login, create their unique accounts, answer the questions, add images and save. It’s as easy as that and each completed Audit is uniquely identifiable.

Provides proof

The Audit allows any number of images to be included, so your employers can show their workstation setup, ergonomic furniture, surge protection, proximity to communications, general environment and more. You can then make an informed decision about whether to approve or reject the request to work from home, or ask for modifications of the environment.

Peace of mind

In the off-chance an employee provides false information and later makes a claim against you, the difference between the details and images provided and reality will provide the proof.

Validated & secure

The Audit was developed by CIBIS with leading national Work Health and Safety lawyer Jeremy Kennedy from Roberts Legal. The audit is also designed, built and securely hosted in Australia under local data security laws.


  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Fast to set up
  • Fast to fill
  • Individually identified
  • Validated by images
  • Developed by WHS expert
  • Built & hosted in Australia

…the model WHS laws still apply if workers are required to work somewhere other than their usual workplace, for example, from home."