Cloud in a Box

Is the cloud the right fit for you and your business?

Would your business benefit from moving IT infrastructure to the cloud (and how)?

If you have ever wondered if "the cloud" was something that your business might benefit from, but were unsure where to start, the answer is "almost certainly yes" and "start right here".

Plenty has been written about the benefits of the cloud, from lower cost of ownership through to better scalability and disaster recovery.

A lot less has been written about poorly conceived or executed cloud migrations and how the benefits were not realised (or took a very long time to emerge).

In both cases, what is difficult is wading through the technical jargon, much of which didn’t even exist just a few years ago, and trying to apply the “case studies” to your specific circumstances.

CIBIS can take the guess work and ambiguity out of the equation for you. We are not a Tier-1 cloud provider, so we don't have to act like one.

No doubt you have queries and need answers to questions like:

  • How much does it cost to migrate to the cloud?
  • Which cloud provider is most competitive?
  • What is the cloud?
  • How do I migrate my business to the cloud?
  • How can I get my data back from the cloud if I change my mind?
  • Can I run my software in the cloud?
  • How complicated are cloud legal contracts?
  • How does a hybrid cloud work if I still need my own servers?

When CIBIS made the decision to move most of its own operations to the cloud, we looked around for a partner to help, and soon discovered there were plenty of organisations dealing with the very large scale projects, but smaller organisations seemed largely forgotten.

Solutions that may have worked at the enterprise level simply did not scale down to the size of a typical SME, and many of those solutions were built on layers of tools and software that were simply not needed (or were prohibitively expensive or complex) at a smaller scale.

The end result? We "rolled our own" and designed a cloud infrastructure system that worked for us and our clients.

We leverage the size and scale of the Tier-1 providers like AWS and Azure, but wrap them in tools that are much friendlier to use and focus on what needs to be done, rather than what might or could be done.

Whether you want your own Virtual Private Cloud or you just want the problem to go away, talk to CIBIS.

If you are comfortable with some jargon and technical terms, you will get a highly secure environment with full logging and monitoring, including multiple firewalls, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), VPN access, automatic backups at a frequency or schedule that suits your need and budget, automatic or manual failover of individual servers or the entire network to another data centre, the ability to create, start and stop servers remotely and more.

This is a turn-key design/solution and suits SMEs in particular, but is also used by our government and university clients as well.

The ultimate "no worries"?

We will migrate all or part of your existing IT infrastructure (depending on need and “fit”) to the cloud, then run, manage and monitor it for you, ensuring it is always on, always available, and always effective.

Now you can go back to running your business and take advantage of our experience in this relatively new cloud managed environment.

You can now try our new Cloud Calculator! By answering the questions included, we will tailor advice for you and provide you with a budget to work with.


  • Fully managed Cloud Computing
  • Flexible and scalable to your needs
  • Deal with a partner you can trust
  • Cost effective with no hassles