Custom Content Management System (CMS)

A powerful, secure and intuitive custom content management system to manage your website

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LIME is a simple to use, extensible custom Content Management System (CMS) that helps take away the hassle of generating and publishing content on websites.

A major differentiating feature with LIME when compared to most other systems is that it is a fully maintained and licenced software product from CIBIS. As such you don’t need to be concerned about software patches, compatibility and maintenance issues that can be a headache for end users choosing various open source alternatives.

Anyone wanting to save time and money maintaining their website in-house will benefit from using LIME. If you can use MS-Word, you can easily use LIME. It's quick and easy to use and what’s more, it’s a very stable, secure and reliable solution focussed on delivering core functionality without any fuss.

LIME’s core features make it a trusted and simple custom Content Management System. These features include support to:

  • Embed images, audio or video with ease and upload documents and change content as required
  • Add shopping cart facilities to sell items online or collect payments online
  • Send email newsletters to mailing list subscribers
  • Set web pages to automatically publish, or expire, on a specific date
  • Ensure professional publishing with page-based editing permissions, page versioning and rollback options to see how the website looked at any previous date.
  • Create member or staff-only content to be visible only when account holders are logged in.
  • LIME website templates can meet the latest HTML5/CSS3 standards, ensuring usability, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAGII) compliance and optimal search engine ranking outcomes.

Of course, as a mature and stable product, should you need custom content management system support, our experienced team of designers and e-marketing staff are available to help you make the most of your website. Talk to the CIBIS team today. 

Interested in other Content Management Systems that we work with? Check out some of the systems below:



Drupal is one (free) software package that not only allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, but it comes with an impressive set of optional modules allowing for endless customisation of your website.

Drupal's power lies within it's ability to be secure, extremely flexible, mobile/responsive design friendly and can be implemented in such a way that is easy to manage "the back end". Drupal is an ideal platform for websites and applications with vast functional requirements.

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WordPress is a powerful open source web software solution you can use to quickly and easily create a fully featured website and/or blog.

WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to become as comprehensive content management system. Like many open source solutions, you can secure so much added functionality through using some of the thousands of plugins, widgets and themes that are free, or at very low cost. At CIBIS, we ensure your site is setup properly and also secured and this enables you to use your imagination and creativity to showcase what you want – whether by your writing, graphic designs services, products or much more.

Of course, knowing that we are only a phone call away provides you with added comfort in the case that you face unexpected challenges or want technical assistance and support.

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Xpect is a unique business management system which recognises the importance of online selling as part of a successful business plan. As such, its accounting, stock and customer relationship management functions are totally integrated with its CMS functions, giving you a seamless product.

Xpect enables you to engage with your current and prospective customers. It offers E-Newsletters, Forums, Polls, Surveys, Blogs, Events, Competitions and News. Updates made to your stock records are automatically updated on the website and online sales are automatically tracked back against your stock inventory and customer records. What’s more, you can set XPECT so that your customers can publish comments, images, news and events and maintain and renew their advertisements online. You can also offer restricted access to pages on your website, such as for VIP customers or staff, thereby giving exclusive access to specials or advanced notice.

Not only does it offer all these functions, but it tracks and records activities back against your customers so you have a complete picture of their relationship with your business in the one system and can use this for future marketing.

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  • Secure, reliable and high performance CMS platform
  • Extendable to support customised requirements
  • Flexible templates and powerful publishing options
  • Easy to use without compromise