Application Automation Library

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The Automation Library was originally developed to assist the inventor of The Money Story® and The Small Business Story®, two complementary patented methods of visually representing financial information.

Originally produced by hand, these visual representation were eventually implemented using a commercial off-the-shelf graphics program. This reduced the manual labour, but did not eliminate it and did nothing to prevent human error creeping into a highly complex translation from financial reports to visual designs.

CIBIS was approached to assist in finding further efficiency gains through automation, and the result was AAL – the Application Automation Library.

AAL is made up of a library of generic macros, together with application and domain/task specific macro functions and a scripting language. These macros can be automated through the use of the scripting language developed by CIBIS, which puts enormous power and flexibility in the hands of non-technical users.

A process that used to be dependent on the specialised knowledge of a single person, and took a number of hours of painstaking manual processing, can now be automated and made available to anyone, with consistent results produced in seconds.

A user can upload an extract from their accounting package (e.g. MYOB or Xpect), and seconds later have a customised, accurate, graphical representation generated while fully complying with the several hundred rules that made up the patented Money Story approach to reporting.

The AAL can be applied to and used by most office applications (including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Corel Draw and others), allowing the automation of repetitive tasks and all but eliminating the need for human intervention.

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(Images created by, and used with the permission of Little Fish.)


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