Working From Home - Desktop Audit

Written by: CIBIS, 31 Mar 2020

If you’re a person conducting a business or undertaking (‘PCBU’), you are responsible for the safety of your workers’ remote environments, according to Safe Work Australia, the Australian Government statutory body that develops policy relating to workplace health and safety (WHS) and workers’ compensation. 

Safework’s website states: ‘the  model WHS laws still apply if workers are required to work somewhere other than their usual workplace, for example, from home.’

How confident are you that the homes or remote workplaces your people work from are safe?

How Can You Protect Yourself?

The major hurdle appears to be this: how can you assess the risk to your remote employees and to your company? Visiting them and conducting spot checks is neither safe at this time nor practical.

You could send them paper forms to fill in but that wouldn’t allow them to attach images. You would be taking their word without proof, which could be vital in the case of a Workers’ Compensation claim. Consider this: what if a disgruntled remote worker who is in financial difficulty made a false claim? If you only had a paper form, how would you prove that you knew and accepted the risk or not?

A Simple, Cost-Effective Solution

We thought about this and came up with a simple solution, the Working From Home Desktop Audit, a secure online checklist created using our smart web form builder, Formlify. Your worker fills in the audit, adding details, images and the choice of signature.
This is how it works: 

• An email is sent to each worker requesting them to setup their account and password (optional)
• Each worker completes the pre-configured desktop audit adding images and signature
• You can see the filled audits instantly
• You can assess and approve requests to work from home in real time
• If workplaces don’t comply, you can offer to mitigate the risk or reject the request
• In the event of a claim, you have evidence identified with each individual worker.

Security And Peace of Mind

Other benefits include:

• The audit template is created in Formlify and can be easily modified to suit your organisation’s wording or to accommodate jurisdictions in other states.

• The audit template has been prepared under the guidance of a leading national Work Health and Safety lawyer, Jeremy Kennedy from Roberts Legal.

• Formlify is an Australian product, designed, maintained and securely hosted in Australia under local data security and privacy laws. 

The audit template costs just $200 per company plus $2 per employee, even less for over 100 employees. Isn’t this a small price to pay peace of mind?

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