Website update generating three times the visitors… it was certainly Allworth it!

Written by: CIBIS, 17 Jul 2014

Allworth Homes has been building quality homes since 1978 and has maintained its market share by constantly improving.

Allworth has refined the planning and building of contract homes to the point where it is now recognised as one of the most efficient builders in New South Wales.

 As they operate in a competitive market with plenty of noise and distractions, Allworth asked CIBIS to help make their first contact with online visitors a memorable experience that left a lasting impression.

As Allworth Managing Director Stephen Thompson puts it, "We believe that clients are doing up to 80% of their research online before they even visit one of our display homes. It used to be the other way around, so the Internet is very important to us."

Buying a new home is a very personal experience and so CIBIS decided to allow each visitor to the Allworth website the opportunity to build their own personal product brochure. By making a few simple selections, each prospect is able to assemble all of their favourite designs and floor plans into a colourful brochure they can download and print. The personalisation of the brochure helps build a bond between Allworth and their prospective new customer.

It is important that a website is responsive to customer needs and can easily be updated to keep it relevant and fresh, and so CIBIS recommended moving the site to the Drupal platform. Stephen says the move met with immediate success. "It is much easier to work with. Our previous software was awkward and clunky and our new solution is great, particularly for those of us with limited computer skills".

Given the turmoil they had endured with the old site, Allworth was pleased to have CIBIS on board. "Good all the way, with no difficulties," is how Mr Thompson described the experience. "I like the way they set up a parallel site so that when we crossed over there was minimum change and disruption. They did certainly gain an understanding of our business and our goals for the site."

And the verdict? According to Stephen Thompson, "The look and feel of the website has generated a lot more traffic and therefore a lot more inquiry. Our inquiries have tripled from the old site to the new. They look similar, but the new site is generating that much more interest."

For Allworth Homes it was a simple and easy transition and Stephen says that CIBIS was very helpful with all of the little issues that arose as they came to grips with working with the new software platform. "They are a good bunch of people and I would describe the owner as a good, look-you-in-the-eye honest person."

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