Macquarie University

Education software development focused on the international student segment

Macquarie University ISIS website application by CIBIS

Macquarie University now has a diverse community of approximately 33,000 students with more than 30% of them enrolling from over 114 countries. It is ranked in the top 40 Universities in the Asia Pacific region, within the top 15 in Australia and, according to ‘The Times’ Higher Education Supplement’, in 2009 it was listed in the top 200 Universities in the world.


Ten years ago, Macquarie University sought the support of a technical partner to develop its online presence and meet its (then) ambitious international student recruitment targets.


CIBIS was selected as its partner and for more than 10 years, CIBIS has developed a comprehensive suite of products enabling Macquarie University to provide a range of online services associated with attracting, recruiting and retaining international students.

Our systems enabled Macquarie to respond faster and more efficiently and to provide improved service levels through use of a range of custom-developed solutions. From Course Finder products assisting students navigate the maze of study options, through to content management systems, e-commerce, online calculators and tracking systems, our systems ensure students get timely access to the information they need.

Our successful partnership with Macquarie University epitomises our role as enablers in helping our clients achieve their goals.

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