Sisley Clothing

Retail software development - a specialised app to streamline operations and manufacturing

Sisley Clothing Australia, established in 1997, manufactures a wide range of custom made clothing. From flights suits for the aviation sector to protective clothing for a variety of tactical teams, high visibility or hazard protection work wear for the oil, gas and mine industries, Sisley has the expertise to manufacture all sorts of custom designed clothing. Sisley Clothing App Screenshot

With a focus on quality, customer service and manufacturing automation, Sisley needed to refine and automate systems that manage the complex work associated with keeping records of client fitting sizes, patterns, pockets, logos, reflective tape, screen printing, embroidery and a host of other client and manufacturing related information.


With literally hundreds of different types of clients and garment variable coupled with increasing levels of computerisation, and an obsession with meeting the customers’ expectations, Sisley needed one system to manage their manufacturing operations. It had to be simple to use, reflect their unique operational requirements and assist management get the best output from the factory.


A custom Factory App was developed for Sisley by CIBIS. The app is a modern, specialised solution that assists with job scheduling, planning, cost containment, order manufacturing and fulfillment and was developed to enable staff throughout the factory to interact at any stage ensuring every step of the process is tracked, measured and optimised.

Phase 2 will involve end to end integration with online sales and integrated accounting.

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