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CIBIS & International Education Association of Australia

As a technical partner of the IEAA and working with numerous leading Education Organisations throughout Australia, CIBIS is dedicated to continuing to build its strong reputation in supporting international education.

Our innovative solutions have helped place our clients at the top of the list of Australian institutions which attract international students. We have worked closely with and foster an excellent reputation amongst a majority of leading Australian Education providers, partner institutions and the commercial sector.

Our software solutions have provided our clients with a competitive edge. Whether piecemeal or project related, our skills, professionalism and responsiveness really do extend the efforts of the sector and we bring you greater flexibility, an effective set of tools and ready made solutions for the International Education market.

CIBIS can assist you with:

  • Custom solutions that better engage your offshore partners and agents.
  • A range of solutions that support you to respond to new opportunities on-line.
  • Completely integrated solutions that encompass your web content, accounting, customer relationship management and e-commerce needs. These tools allow you to better leverage new technology to engage with the global community including forums, blogs, surveys, messaging, courses finder products, attendance systems and calculators.
  • Multi-lingual brochure generation tools that create a professional, tailored response to online enquiries.
  • Enquiry Management and Application Management Systems including those which handle undergraduate, postgraduate, Research, English Language, Foundation Studies, Diploma programs and more.
  • Various entry rank and self assessment calculators including Grade Point Average, Advanced Standing and other admissions calculators that assist staff and students with enquiries.
  • Integrated student portals and customer relationship management systems to drive up student enrolments.
  • Data warehouse and data mining expertise to assist in better positioning your market spend and to enhance your understanding of student needs.

At CIBIS, we believe in fostering innovation, dedication, creativity and vision. We are also agile and competitive. To find out more about how we might assist you, please browse our website or call us today to find out more +61 2 4925 8500.